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I love these tweezers! They work great and the handles are a great size for someone with arthritis. Beaverton, Oregon- Eloyce

I purchased one of these for myself......and couldn't believe how WELL it works!!! First thing I have found that works so well!!! After showing it to my mom her and her neighbor had to have one!!! THANK you for a GREAT product!!!!...Marlene Kenyon, FL

Thank you Twist N Roll tweezers! I dreaded my bathroom magnifying mirror. I knew the hairs were there but, I couldn't see the hairs well enough to tweeze with my old tweezers. With Twist N Roll, I watch TV and tweeze with NO mirror. Las Vegas- Ginnette

In case you're interested in why she's fallen in love with your product (REALLY!), it's because she is going blind. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to see her stray hairs and whiskers. Consequently, she would use conventional tweezers by touch. She often ended up plucking her own skin--not the hair--causing her face to bleed. Your product has made her so happy and has, in fact, helped her keep a little bit more of her independence that she felt was fleeting because of her fading sight. She has raved about Twist-n-Roll Tweezers to all of her friends and family--I've heard her many times! Staciy P. WA

"I am so glad that I bought it, this is a great little gadget. I used to spend hours in front of the mirror, now I can take care of my chin hair with out a mirror and it's a lot quicker" Anne Texas

I admit, I wouldn't have bought these for myself. My sister gave them to me for Christmas and I am shocked at how well these work. Thank you dear sister! Albany, Oregon - Olivia

I am the biggest pain baby ( can't do waxing) and even I can use these! All they feel like is a "pluck, pluck" and I can handle that. Sara from New York

Tried them, loved them and now I sell them! Very successfully I might add! Karen - La Center, WA

like it a lot more than the tweezee epilator that I use. It grabs more hair, is relatively painless (except for upper hair lip which always hurts some) Kathy, Rose hill, Taxas

Every woman needs one of these! OH MY GOSH - they work! No more bristles from shaving my mustache and it lasts for weeks! Lauren from Montery Park, LA

'This is the best thing that I have ever used- I have tried so many things in the past and this tops them all' Stephanie of Puyallup, WA

"Thank-you for showing me this- I am in love. I'm tired of shaving every other day." crystal of Tacoma

"What a great invention-best thing since heated curlers" Debbie of bonny lake

"I have been selling this in my salon since last year and my customers love it! Everyone likes the one with the purple color handle" sandy, Idaho

"I am sure that women must have invented this since it is so women friendly" Kathy of Lake Stevens

Amazing! This really works. Janice F. in Vancouver, BC

I actually bought this last year and put it away. My friend said she had bought one and loved it, which reminded me I had one. All this time I was missing out on a great product! Kimber L. in Eugene, OR

I'll admit I am lazy about plucking. My daughter bought this for me to try and now, I actually look forward to tweezing. This is addicting to use. Doreen V. in Portland, OR

"Thank-you so much for this great beauty tool" Emily of Los Angeles,CA

LOVE IT! I get disappointed when I run out of hairs to tweeze! Sephine Gainesville. FL

I am talking so many friends into getting this wonderful product, can I sell it? Sarah D. in Battleground, WA